Under Ground


Title: Under Ground

Author: Alice Rachel

Genre: Dystopian/ Romance

Rating: 5 stars


Love is a taboo, a mere fantasy— foreign, unreachable, and dangerous.

Raised in a society where women have no rights, seventeen-year-old Thia Clay holds little hope for a bright future. When her parents sell her into marriage to elite member William Fox, Thia slowly gives in to despair. William is nothing but a cruel, selfish young man with no other interest than to serve his own.

Born illegally and forced to hide from the authorities his entire life, nineteen-year-old Chi Richards is an active member of the Underground—a rebellious group seeking to overthrow the government.

Chi only has one goal—to rescue his parents from the work camp they were forced into.

Meeting Thia was never part of the plan, and neither was falling in love with her.

If caught in their forbidden relationship, Thia and Chi could face a death sentence, and when devastating secrets surface from Chi’s past, Thia has to rely on her instincts to make a choice that could save her or destroy her forever.


*Author sent me a free copy in exchange of an honest review*
First of all, I want to say that dystopian novels are not my fave genre but I LOVE this book. I really enjoyed reading it. I like the author’s writing style—the way she describes and explains everything. It is just so well written. It actually took me some time to finish this book due to busy schedules but when I finally really had the time to read this book, I was hooked!
The concept is really interesting. The females are not allowed to choose whom they love and want to marry. However the males are allowed to accept and reject the females. Some characters are even deprived to live the way they want to, like those who are Unwanted. I feel like it actually reflects some current day situations wherein some people are deprived of their rights. I also like that the book explains when Thia is experiencing anxiety and panic attacks. I rarely find novels that tackle mental health.
This book gave me a roller coaster of feelings! I love the romance in this book because it totally gives me the feels! I love Chi so much and he’s just too sweet and caring. I’m annoyed and disgusted with William’s attitude but there’s this tiny part of me which likes him for 0.00001% and I can’t really explain why? Maybe it’s because of his being persistent? I think he actually loves Thia but he just doesn’t know how to show it in a nice way. I also like Taylor and Kayla and I really think that they have a nice relationship. It’s okay to ship secondary characters, right? Like what I said, this book gave me a roller coaster of feelings. There were parts wherein I’m so happy about what’s happening then I will be shocked, or anxious and confused.
I definitely recommend this book to dystopian and romance fans and I’m looking forward to read the next books in the series.

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