Army of Fire


Title: Army of Fire

Author: Jennifer L. Kelly

Genre: YA sci-fi/ fantasy

Rating: 5 stars


HEAD OR HEART? After the sun dies, civilization establishes itself on Xon 9, a planet with rogue Elements that affect human physiology. The inhabitants of Xon 9 soon learn to harness the powers of the Elements. At eighteen each citizen must Pronounce their Elemental, a lifelong affiliation. Ka Waylon cannot decide which Elemental to Pronounce. All her life she’s been ordinary and, unlike her friends Ahna and Li, she’s never felt called to any particular Element. Worse, the only advice she receives is to choose wisely. That all changes when she meets a mysterious Metal woman. Soon Ka is on a perilous journey to other worlds in order to retrieve the Elemental Stones and claim her true identity. Along the way she makes some unlikely allies and learns that she’s anything but ordinary.


*I received an e-ARC from the author in exchange of an honest review*

First of all, I’m really in love with the Elemental Star.

Okay enough of it. Time for the review.

While reading the prologue, I actually felt anxious thinking “What if…?” How the author described what happened to Earth sounds so real like it would really happen someday.

I like the fact that the setting of the story takes place on another planet.

For the characters, I like the way the characters’ personality were written. They are really distinct from one another (elementals). I also like that I had a first impression on characters and eventually find out who they really are.

I was hooked to this story and tend to hold on to every word and every scene that happens. At first, I was clueless and confused as to what is happening. It makes me want to continue reading and to find out more. It’s difficult to put the book down! (I pulled an all-nighter for this book!) As I go through the story, I eventually find out the revelations as the MC (Main Character) finds it out too.

As for the MC, I like her attitude and how she develops throughout the story. As I was reading the book, I felt like I was Ka and I feel what she feels.

For the feels, this book gave me a roller coaster of emotions! It’s exciting, confusing, shocking and heart-breaking. There was this part, a 4-word sentence to be exact, that really gave me the feels and made me cry. Another scene shocked me and I was really stunned. I was like, “What the…Why…How…” Too many questions but I can’t construct the sentence due to shock.

There is a hint of romance, but not too much. I’m rooting for a LI (Love Interest), but I don’t know what will happen to them on the next book.

All in all, I can say that I LOVE this book! And I definitely need to read the next book!

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