Jennifer L. Kelly

Jennifer L. Kelly is a full-time middle school language arts teacher and a YA sci-fi/fantasy and children’s author on the side. She has already published 10 books in 3 years. She has a new series called The Elementals. The first installment of the series is Army of Fire and it will be released on October 25.


Ms. Jennifer and a copy of Army of Fire

I met Ms. Jennifer through Instagram. I was lucky to be one of the ARC readers of Army of Fire.

If you have read the ARC, or is planning to read the novel when it comes out, then you should read my interview with her!

My interview focuses specifically on Army of Fire.

Nica: First of all, can you tell us something about yourself? And maybe some trivia about you that most of your readers don’t know?

Jen: Something about me is I am an only child but always have wished that I had a twin. Trivia….I am pretty sure most readers don’t know that I have 10 tattoos.

Nica: Who is your author inspiration for writing your very first novel?

Jen: It is a combination. At the time for The Lucia Chronicles, it was Lois Lowry, Veronica Roth, and Suzanne Collins.

Nica: What or who inspired you to write your latest sci-fi/fantasy series, The Elementals?

Jen: A picture I found on Pinterest. It was a painting of a man looking into different worlds. Thus, Ka travels to different worlds.

Nica: Wow! So that was your “prompt” for the story! What part of the story (Army of Fire) was the most challenging to write?

Jen: Yes, the picture was really cool. Each world was a portal. Ka’s encounter with the actual army and the scene where she tries to destroy the stone with Sloan’s help.

Nica: Who among the characters can you identify yourself the most? In what manner?

Jen: Hmmmm. That’s hard. I suppose Ka because you write what you know. Questions of who am I and the feeling of being ordinary are familiar to me. But I was more like Ahna when it came to school. I was a good student. I have a little bit of Doran’s rebelliousness, but I’ve calmed down with age.

Nica: If you can be BFFs with any of the characters in the story, who would it be? Why?

Jen: Actually, and this is probably mean of me, but there’s a new character in book 4 and she’s a badass. I’d want her by my side because she is loyal and fierce.

Nica: If you’re a resident of Xon 9, which among the 5 Elementals do you think you’ll be a part of? Why?

Jen: If I’m being honest, Metal would probably scare the pants off me, and I have issues with water and darkness. I also can’t truly swim. Wood doesn’t seem all that exciting, and I’d be tempted by Fire, but I’d probably be an Earth because I am a huge nerd and love school. Also, the Earth Building would be a cool place to live for a couple of years.

Nica: The Earth Building really seems nice! What can the readers expect in your new series?

Jen: Well, in book 2, The Earth Key, it starts getting more into fantasy. Ka and Li both grapple with the consequences of their actions, and we start to learn that everyone has their secrets. Sloan and Ka’s relationship begins to develop as we learn more about Ka’s past and how she became to be the Impossible Girl.  But not everyone is happy with the changes Ka is going through.

Nica: Oh my God! Looks like book 2 is even more exciting! Any messages to your fans and all the readers out there?

Jen: “Do you.” I wish someone had told me earlier on how important it was to answer to myself and to meet my needs and work on my dreams, because at the end of the day (or end of life) you only have yourself to contend with. Did you follow your dreams or were you too busy following the ones others laid out for you?

Ms. Jennifer is not just a good writer but she’s also an inspiring person! I’m proud to say that she’s one of my author friends.

If you want to read my review of Army of Fire, click HERE.

Interested in reading Army of Fire? Head on over to Amazon now.

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