Losing Ground: A Stephen Richards Novella


Title: Losing Ground: A Stephen Richards Novella

Author: Alice Rachel

Genre: Dystopian, Romance

Rating: 5 stars

Blurb: “The truth about our family would probably destroy my brother.
Chi is too naive, too gentle—far too weak to carry the weight of this reality.
Sometimes I hate him so much for it I can hardly breathe.
But I will make sure he never finds out what our parents truly are.
Monsters hiding in broad daylight.” – Stephen Richards


*Author sent me a free copy in exchange of an honest review*

After reading Under Ground, I immediately started reading Losing Ground which is a novella about Stephen—Chi’s twin brother. I was excited to get to know Stephen better. He was first introduced in Under Ground and my first impression with him wasn’t pleasant because of his mean behavior.

Anyway, a few pages into this book and it already gave me the feels. It made my heart ache and I really feel sad for him. I can actually feel his pain and agony. The book, however, is intriguing. I wanted to find out more about their parents and what other secrets there are. After reading Stephen’s story, I wanted to take care of him. The reasons behind his behavior and his pain is just too much.

His story only consists of 74 pages, I finished it in one sitting and I love it. It might be short but it is amazing nonetheless.

The author pledge to donate 100% of sales revenue from “Losing Ground” to RAINN.

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