The Bad Seed


Title: The Bad Seed (Battle for the Heavens #1)

Author: Michael Lackey

Genre: Fantasy/Adventure

Rating: 5 stars

Synopsis: On the day Zachery Morely’s mother asks him to fetch herbs from the garden, he never expected to find himself face to face with a demon. A demon who has planted the seed of a sinister tree that feeds off the living. Zachery and his father George request the help of the King to figure out what this tree means. Only when the tree consumes its first human being and takes it true, human like form, and hear its warnings do they realize their world is in serious danger. Zachery sets off on an epic journey with the King and the kings guard through lands of men, dwarves, and elves. He confronts eleven wizards and dragons, and acknowledges he is more powerful than he thinks, in order to help find the champion of light and save his world from evil.


*I received a free e-book copy in exchange of an honest review*

A few pages into the book and I immediately thought, “I’m gonna enjoy this book.” And guess what?! I did enjoy it and I actually love it! This is now one of my favourite books!

Fantasy has become one of my favourite genres lately. And this fantasy/adventure book definitely didn’t disappoint! It’s such an easy read and it is a page turner!

While reading it, I thought I knew how the story will unfold. But I was mistaken! This book has a lot of surprises and plot twists! It made me go, “What!?”, “Wow!”, “Omg!” It has a lot of exciting adventures and epic battles that made my imagination run wild!

I like how the characters developed in the story and how each one of them found out about their special gifts and abilities. I also love that there are strong female characters in this book even if they weren’t the lead characters here. They are brave and courageous just like the male characters! I also found new OTPs to ship! Come on, they’re cute and amazing!

I think this will also make an AMAZING movie. I hope that it will be, someday!

The only thing that bothered me is there are several misspellings in the names of the characters, but I like the book nonetheless. I also talked to Melissa of The Polyethnic about my concern. She said that the book will go through another editing as this book will be re-released under The Polyethnic on January 2017!

If you love fantasy, and if you’re looking for an adventure like Zachery Morely, this book is for you!

If you wish to read my interview with Michael Lackey, click HERE.

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