Blossom Among Flowers



Title: Blossom Among Flowers

Author: Jay E. Tria

Genre: YA Contemporary Romance

Rating: 5 stars


High school student Hikaru Saito is in trouble. She is failing English because she’d much rather bury her nose in the latest manga than study pronouns and prepositions. To keep her from getting kicked out of school, she is assigned a tutor in the form of the most popular boy in school: golden-haired genius Takeshi Hinata.

You’d think Takeshi would be Hikaru’s surefire way to academic success, her stubbornness, lack of concentration, and general disinterest in things other than her precious manga frustrate Takeshi to no end. To make matters worse, a young, pretty boy teacher is determined to rescue Hikaru every chance he gets, riling Takeshi up even more–and confusing the hell out of Hikaru.

But as they spend more time together and get to know each other beyond their high school reputation, Hikaru and Takeshi enter a situation neither of them expected to find themselves in–one that factors in stolen kisses, controlling parents, a princess-in-hiding, and the deepest yearnings of a teenage heart.


Before I give my review, I wanted to share a little story first. (But you aren’t required to read this though.) I bought this book along with other romance class books last August and it had been on my shelf since then. I still have no idea when will I pick it up and read it. Then last September, I found out that Ken Chu (of F4) got married. Seeing photos from the wedding, (and photos of Jerry Yan and Van Ness Wu) and a video of them singing one of the songs from Meteor Garden, I suddenly had an idea of watching the said Asian TV series. (kinda weird, you might say.) I was still young when it was first aired on Philippine TV and I can’t really remember everything about the story and I wanted to watch it because I want some (throwback) feels. So I did it. I marathon-ed several episodes. (But I still haven’t finish the series because of Uni. And other stuffs.Ugh.) But oh I did make the right choice! There were so much feels! Then one midnight, while watching it, I suddenly thought of Blossom Among Flowers. I thought it would give the similar feels. So I decided that I’ll include the book on my October TBR.

Now, time for the review.

Again, this review contains spoilers. YOU’VE BEEN WARNED.

Let me start with this: THIS BOOK GAVE ME SO MANY FEELS.

This is not the typical high school story wherein the nerdy, awkward girl meets handsome bad boy. Hikaru (MC) is adorable, awkward and quirky while Takeshi (LI) is a handsome genius.

I haven’t read any manga prior to reading this book, but I have watched a few anime and reading this books is like watching an anime. Sure, I imagined some of the scenes like they were real people, but, I imagined the other scenes like watching an anime.

My only concern during the first (or first few chapters) were the names. I was a little bit confused with the names but as I read through the book, my confusion was gone and I can already recall each character.

This book is funny and sweet. I like how everything about Takeshi and Hikaru started. Their tutorial didn’t go very well at first as Takeshi is somewhat bossy and Hikarus is stubborn. I find them adorable when they argue. As I was reading this book, there were a lot of times that I was grinning like a fool. I really love the banters and conversation between Takeshi and Hikaru. There’s just so many feels.

As for Eriko, I don’t know if readers are supposed to dislike her. But I disliked her the moment that she told Hikaru that she likes Takeshi. And I disliked her more when I found out that she’s a princess and they (Takeshi and Eriko) are getting engaged. She knows that Takeshi likes Hikaru and she’s also aware that Hikaru likes Takeshi too. But I was glad that she was the one who made a way to call off the engagement. (But I still dislike her though)

As for Tetsuya, he was nice and I like him. I like the fact that he arrives at the perfect timing to rescue Hikaru. But I never liked him for Hikaru. I felt nothing between him and Hikaru.

The two bullies, Reiko and Shira, reminded me so much of the 2 mean girls who always bully Shan Chai in Meteor Garden. They were annoying, but I’m glad for the two guys who always stand up for Hikaru.

As for Takeshi, I like how readers slowly understood Takeshi and his relationship with his parents. I also like the fact that he also arrives at the perfect timing too. And his great effort in helping Hikaru with reviewing for exams, waiting for her to finish her exam and paying surprise visits to her house. He’s just so swoon-worthy. I love him.

I also like Shintaro, Hikaru’s twin brother, because I think he’s really cute and I love how he and Hikaru talk to each other.

These two characters in the book aren’t totally alike with two characters from an Asian TV series but I can say that they are somehow similar. I can compare Takeshi to Dao Ming Si and Tetsuya to Hua Ze Lei. But I do have different feelings for each one of them even though they have similarities. (I won’t further elaborate this though. hehe)

This book is also the first book that made me squeal! (Thank goodness, I was in my room and not in a public place!) *Hint: I never knew that a phone call in a novel could make me squeal!

When I’m almost done with the book and saw that there’s only a few pages left, I wanted to finish it right away, but I don’t want the story to end at the same time. In the last chapters, this book gave me a heavy feeling. I was sure I was about to cry anytime soon. And I did cry at the third to the last page because I can’t take it anymore–all those romantic feelings, sadness, anticipation and excitement of what would happen next, surprise and happiness.

All in all, I really enjoyed the book. It’s so cute and romantic. I’m also very satisfied with the ending. And I definitely ship Hikaru and Takeshi. (And I never expected that I will love Master Hinata.)

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