Somewhere in the Shallow Sea


Title: Somewhere in the Shallow Sea

Author: Dennis Macaraeg

Genre: Adult Suspense/Adventure, Romance, Historical

Rating: 4 stars


In this suspenseful thriller, two lovers are in a race against all odds in the jungles of the Philippines to save their kidnapped friend.

Somewhere in the Shallow Sea will test the main characters’ determination in order to outwit the man who is after the scientific compound they brought as ransom.


*Author sent me a free copy in exchange of an honest review.*

Suspense is not a genre that I usually read. But I agreed to read and review this book because:

  1. It is set in the Philippines. (It’s where I live!)
  2. I do like trying out new genres. And I thought suspense is okay.
  3. I like to discover new authors especially the indie ones.

When I opened the book, I was surprise to see that it has a map! And it’s a map of the Philippines showing the destinations of the characters in the story.


I thought it was really nice to have this map in the book so that readers can have a better understanding of the story and how the characters went all over the country.

At first, I don’t know what to feel about the story. I’m not sure if it’s the writing style, the genre, how the story started or it’s just me.

But as the story goes, I did enjoy it. I felt like I’m watching an action TV series or a movie, especially with the action scenes and the like. The cover says this is a novel of suspense, but I’d say that this book has the right amount of suspense, action, romance, history and who lot of adventure and travelling.

I didn’t get too attached with the characters like what usually happens when I read a book. But I do like Danny and Helen’s relationship. How they rekindled and found their way back to each other was unique–because they were separated and met again when they needed to rescue Blake.

I also love all the historical and cultural facts about the Philippines incorporated in this book. I think it’s quite interesting. There were actually some facts that I didn’t know yet or have forgotten already. This book definitely made me crave for some food like the balut/balot and chicharon!

I enjoyed following Danny and Helen in their sort of mission to rescue Blake. It’s like I also traveled around the Philippines! The ending was also okay for me!

I definitely recommend this to everyone who loves to read travel and adventure novels.

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