The Earth Key


Title: The Earth Key (The Elementals #2)

Author: Jennifer L. Kelly

Genre: YA Sci-fi/Fantasy

Rating: 5 stars


In book two, Ka’s journey continues as she travels to the Land of Earth to retrieve and destroy the Earth stone. Her mother went to great lengths in order to protect her from the Imminent Darkness, but there are consequences for hiding the truth. Someone has lied and someone will die as the Imminent Darkness grows stronger in its quest for retribution.


*I received a free e-arc in exchange of an honest review.*

If you want to read my review of the first book in the series, click HERE.


That’s the first thing that I can think of after reading this. This book is so GREAT.

I loved AOF and I love this book too! If the first book was exciting, I think this book is even more exciting and more action-packed! I really love the author’s writing style and how she elaborately describes and explains everything!

This book has even more revelations too. We get to have a better understanding of Ka’s past and how she became the Impossible Girl, about her parents, and also about the Imminent Darkness. We also get to know the other characters better. I even gasped for a couple of times because I was surprised with what I found out.

The main character, Ka, also developed in this book. She seems to be more matured in this book. There’s still a hint of romance. (I think a little more than the first book) But it’s not too much and I think it’s good because the story still focuses more about Ka, the elementals, and her journey instead of her romantic relationship.

As I was reading the book, I was hoping that I’d get to see a ~specific~ character who had a big part in the first book and I did see that character! Now I’m also hoping for another character (who showed up in this book) to show up in the next books.

If you have already read Army of Fire, I’m urging you to read The Earth Key ASAP. You do not want to miss all the adventures in this book!

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