The wonderful world of bookstagram

Have you ever seen the tag #bookstagram while scrolling through Instagram? Then you accidentally (or maybe intentionally) clicked it and found all those amazing photos of books. Have you?

Bookstagram is basically a book community on instagram.

Let me tell you how I found out about the bookstagram community. I actually made an Instagram account to follow my favorite celebrities and to occasionally post anything I wanted to post. Back then, I still have no idea about the bookstagram community. But I used to post a photo of the book that I’m currently reading. Then I started searching for photos of books,  following people who post photos of books (which I found later on that they were called ‘bookstagrammer’). I enjoyed scrolling and scrolling through their feed, admiring awesome bookshelves and finding new books to read.

Long story short: I decided to make my very own bookstagram account. Then I learned all about the book challenges wherein there are different prompts for each day and you need to post everyday, there are other tags too like #booknerdqanda wherein you need to answer some questions, or tags used as prompts for your photos, book giveaways, and the different themes per account: some are minimalist, rustic, colorful, etc. While some do not have a theme because they want to take photos based on the book or on their mood. But what do they have in common? They are all amazing.

But the best thing that I like about bookstagram is I found new friends and people who share the same interests as me. It is so fun to talk to them because we can discuss books, and fangirl at the same time. And did I mention that I found new friends from across the globe? Yes, you read it right! I made new friends from America, to London, Greece and from other countries too!

If you’re thinking of making a bookstagram account, well, now’s the time to join and discover this wonderful world!

If you wish to visit my account, click HERE.

Please do visit the following accounts too because they’re some of my favorites!

The Black Queen Blogs

The Vampire Bookworm


Nerdy Bookworm

Eimear the Aspiring Author

Bookish Phoebs

Alaskan Bookventures

Bookish Smaug

If my story of how I discovered the bookstagram community isn’t enough to persuade you to make your account, then I hope the lovely accounts that I featured here made you want to start making  your bookstagram account!


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