Book Mail: Cards and Art Prints

I know this blog post is kinda super late. But I wanted to share the mail I received last month from an author friend, Alice Rachel.

When I arrive home that day, my mom showed me an envelope and I literally squealed! I just knew that it was from Ms. Alice.


When she handed me the envelope, I was surprised that there seems to be a lot of cards inside. I was only expecting 2 cards because I thought she would only send 2 cards (each with a personal note from a specific character from her books).

I opened the envelope and OH MY GOD there were A LOT of cards! There are also 2 door hangers included!


The first 2 cards that I picked up are the ones with the dedication/note from a book character. I got a note from William and Stephen (because I requested them) and Chi also wrote on each of the cards. (Yeah, he’s annoying both Stephen and William.)


The card on the left has Stephen’s note and the card on the right has William’s note.

I won’t be showing the note on the cards because:

  1. I want it to be more personal.
  2. My first name is written on it.

I find William’s note hilarious even if he was being himself–obnoxious William. (If you’ve read the book, you know what I mean. You know how proud he is of himself. Right?)

Then I checked each of the cards. Some of them have the character’s names on the back. But ALL of them have the author’s signature! I can imagine how tired her arm and hand after signing tons of cards!


These are just some of the cards showing the author’s signature, and the characters’ names.

If you’re wondering how many cards I received… Well, I got a total of 35 cards!

Fun fact: Did you know that Ms. Alice drew all of her book characters? Can you imagine how creative she is? She even framed all her drawings and put them up on a wall! It looks so beautiful, I swear!


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