Standing Ground


Title: Standing Ground

Author: Alice Rachel

Genre: YA Dystopian, Romance

Rating 5 Stars


When the authorities strike to regain control over the riots in Eboracum City, the citizens are forced to fight back to survive. A virus has spread through the Underground, taking down the refugees one by one, soon contaminating the rebels. If Thia wants to save the ones she loves, she will have to retrieve the cure, quickly. But certain decisions are costly, and not all actions are free of consequences.


*Author sent me a free copy in exchange of an honest review.*

This is the second book in the Under Ground series. If you want to read my review of Under Ground, click HERE.

I’m an emotional wreck right now. This book destroyed my feelings. This book is not for the faint-hearted. (Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating.) But man, my feelings we’re all over the place.

Alice Rachel is definitely a great author. I really love her writing style and they way she uses figures of speech like metaphors when explaining how a character feels. (This book is in Thia’s POV)

When the scene gets intense and suspenseful, I find myself holding my breath. Literally. On the other hand, there were some serious moments but I still find it a little hilarious because of a characters sudden comments about something. I do feel it’s inappropriate to laugh about it but I cannot stop myself. At least, the author didn’t forget to add a bit of humor, right?

And once again, I love how the author shows things like human rights, feminism, consent, and other issues like having anxiety and depression. It was actually kind of difficult to me to read the part about the anxiety and panic attacks because I am also experiencing anxiety. And it is really difficult.

Even before I start to read this book, I’m already mentally preparing myself for a character’s death. And if you are planning to read this book (If you have read Under Ground, you’ll definitely want to read this), you should prepare too. I did not expect things to happened the way it did! Things went like, BAM! BAM! BAM! One thing shocks you and you still haven’t recovered from it and another thing happens, which will shock you even more.

And guess what? You thought the surprises were all done? Then you’re definitely wrong because it’s now clear to me that Alice Rachel is the queen of surprises. She drops them like a bomb and you’re caught off guard.

She definitely broke my heart into pieces. She made me cry. On the contrary, she makes me want to read MORE of her books. Because I cannot stop thinking of them. I need to remind myself that they are just fictional, because I’m getting too attached to them already.

If you still haven’t read this series, you  need to do it NOW. If you have read Under Ground and Losing Ground, I’m urging you to get a copy of Standing Ground NOW.

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