This year I discovered these authors…

2016 was a great year in terms of my reading journey. When I graduated high school, I kind of stopped reading in a daily basis. I just buy and pick up a book when I feel like it. But this year, I read a lot of books. And I think one of the reasons why I was able to read a lot is because of my bookstagram account. I discovered new books to read, new authors, and I felt really encouraged to read, read and read. Last 2015, I’ve read only 18 books. But this year, I have read 54 books (novels and short stories). I even experienced reading 8 books in just a month! I didn’t set a reading goal but it feels so good to read as many as 54 books!

2016 was also a year of new discovered authors. I can say that I’m really happy that I discovered Filipino authors! (I’m a Filipino!) Almost all of the books I usually read were written by foreign authors. Most books that I know that were written by Filipino authors are from Wattpad. I know a lot of Filipino teens who are fond of those books and stories. Unfortunately, for some reasons, I’m not one of them. And one day, I found this really interesting English romance book from a bookstore and I had to buy it. To my surprise, it was written by a Filipino author! Because of that book, I discovered this community of readers and authors called Romanceclass. That’s when I found out that there are a lot of Filipino authors who write romance stories in English! All the books sound really interesting. So I ordered several books from the authors and the books did not disappoint. I’m really glad that I discovered them. If you’re interested in their books, you can go visit the Romanceclassbooks’ website.

Here’s a list of the Filipino authors that I discovered:

They’re just the authors from romanceclass whose books I’ve read this year. But there are a lot of other authors whose books I haven’t read yet!

Aside from these Filipino authors, I also discovered foreign indie authors through bookstagram. I’ve been one of their book or arc readers and reviewers. They write really awesome books of different genres from YA dystopian, to sci-fi, fantasy and adventure!

Here’s a list of the foreign indie authors that I discovered:

All of the authors above wrote books that I never knew existed. I’m really, really happy that I discovered them and their books. Most of the books of these authors actually became my favorite books!

If you’re looking for new books to read this coming 2017, you might want to read some of the books written by the authors I listed above. I’m sure you’ll find a book of a genre you like. 🙂

To all these authors, thank you for making my reading journey exciting. Thank you for your books that made me feel “kilig”, laugh, smile, squeal, cry, thank you for all the feelings, thank you for all the stories.

Happy reading and Happy New Year everyone!


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