Why I started a book blog

I never thought that I will have my very own blog before. But when I started bookstagramming (you can see my post about my bookstagram HERE.) I’ve been thinking about making a book blog.

But things kept hindering me from making one–the first reason why I was hesitant to make a blog is I do not know how to make one. I was anxious that if I make a blog, I may not be able to post because I don’t know how it works. It took me weeks before I finally decided to make a blog. And guess what? It only took me several hours to set up my blog!

I was wrong when I thought that it’s difficult, because it isn’t! There were just times that I was confused when making some changes (like in my menu) but I totally learn and understand it all by myself!

The reasons why I started blogging are:

  1. I have a bookstagram account and write book reviews and post them on Goodreads, but I thought it would be nice to post book reviews on a blog as well.
  2. I wanted to post bookmails and unboxing. I’ve been posting bookmails on my bookstagram, but it would be more exciting to post multiple photos of what I received and talk about it as well.
  3. I did an author interview once, and it was posted on the author hop site of The Polyethnic. And I thought, I wanted to do more author interviews, and where’s the best place to post an author interview? In a blog! Right?
  4. It’s nice to talk about things–like books, and anything book-related. And I always loved writing since I was a little girl. So I thought, I should definitely make a blog so I can share my thoughts and opinions about something that comes to my mind.

I hope you enjoyed reading the reasons why I started my blog. 🙂 How about you? Why did you make a blog? I would love to hear your thoughts!


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