What’s better than receiving a bookmail?!

Answer: Receiving two bookmails! 

A week ago, I received a notice that I have to pick up a parcel but I only got a time to pick it up last Monday.


The bottom of the boxes (haha)

The first bookmail is from author Dennis Macaraeg, and the second one is from author Alice Rachel.


Here are the books!!! 🙂


This is the book from author Dennis Macaraeg. It is the sequel of Somewhere in the Shallow Sea. This was sent to me in exchange of an honest review. (So you gotta watch out for the review of this book.)

Here’s the synopsis:

A thriller about best friends, scientific data, hired guns and a harrowing race with a past lover to stay alive.

Marine biologist Danny Maglaya must meet with his best friend and fellow scientist Blake Mason to upload the data demanded as ransom by the kidnappers of Blake’s fiancée. The task might have been simple, but every time the two scientists try to rendezvous, two contract assassins show up. With Danny and Blake’s phones hacked and each move they make monitored, the only way to survive is to outwit the men wanting to eliminate them. With an ingenious but risky solution, Danny teams up with his ex-lover to piece together secrets that only she, Danny and Blake know. A series of perilous events follows as Danny and his old flame, Valerie, race through San Diego County, solving clues about Blake’s whereabouts and about their possible future together. Will their love for each other be the catalyst for success or will the bitter pain of their breakup be a recipe for disaster?


These are the books from author Alice Rachel. I received Terrence’s short story and the new edition of Under Ground and Losing Ground. Terrence’s short story is a review copy so you also have to watch out for my review about it.

Here’s the synopsis of Terrence’s short story:

Bullying is nothing new to Terrence Young. The teasing and harassment are constant. His family is less than understanding as well. To them, Terrence chose to be gay and complicate their lives. Their little rejections sting and cut him deeply.

But when the Deviance Act is passed, Terrence’s life takes a turn for the worse overnight. Under the new law, a mere look, a simple touch, or a small kiss in public could mean death. Terrence attempts to hide his orientation to survive. That is until a gang attacks him in a bar and Chase Martinez interferes.

Chase is gorgeous, kind-hearted, and he’s a rebel in the Underground—all qualities that attract Terrence so much there is no stopping the fall. Loving Chase might be dangerous, but Terrence is done living in fear and letting others dictate what is right for him.

And hey, the author pledges to donate 100% of sales revenue from “Terrence: A Short Story” to The Ally Coalition.

I’m super excited to start reading these books! Have you read any of the books featured (and mentioned) here?

What are the recent books did you receive?

Connect with Dennis Macaraeg



Connect with Alice Rachel




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