Cats Rule: Henry’s Purr-spective


Title: Cats Rule: Henry’s Purr-spective

Author: Shannon Rieger

Genre: fiction, comedy

Rating: 5 stars


Read as Henry the Cat rants and raves about allergies, babies, catnip, hairballs, tuna, zombies, cucumbers, dogs, texting, tweets, driving and his extensive blueprints as he pretends to plot to kill his owner.

“The book is litter-ally the best comedic tail!” -Kitty Post
“It’s a Claw-some read.” – New York Kitty Times
“I’m Paw-sitive you will love it!”- Library Kitty Journal
“‘Paws’-itively one the cutest tails.” – Catterific Tribune
‘Con-cat-ulations, Henry! The book is a riot!” – Catago Sun
“Meow-velous!” -Cat Observer
“This mew-ment only comes once in a lifetime!” -Chatham Kitty News

Michael: Henry…these are all fake magazines and newspapers. It’s appalling.

Henry: It’s not a-paw-ling. It’s hiss-terical.

Michael: No, it’s lying. Just outline a reason why a reader would want to buy your book but stick to the facts.

Henry: I am awesome!  This is why you need this book, Reader!

Michael: You can’t just tell the reader how wonderful a cat you are and expect them to buy the book. You need to persuade them

Henry: Don’t you mean purr-suade? Well, I am not just a cat. I won’t admit to that!  I’m a watcher, a protector, a vile creature detector. I. Am. Henry. A standing ovation, purr-ease, for my extraordinary performance of my particularly high acclaim.

Michael: Wow, you are so dramatic. I agreed to help you write your book, but it doesn’t mean that I want to listen to you drone on and on about yourself.

Henry: Well, can you do better, Michael?

Michael: Let’s see.  How’s this: Don’t Pro-cat-stinate.  Scoop up the story and let it whisker you away!

Henry: That’s a cat-astrophe.

Michael: I thought it was clever.

Henry: Don’t you mean Claw-ver.

Michael: Oh, sheesh. Don’t worry, reader.  I won’t let him write entirely in cat puns, even if he threatens to pee in my shoe.

Henry: Ooo, I should totally incorporate cat puns! That would be paw-some! Great idea, Michael. Paw-five!


*Author sent me a free e-book copy in exchange of an honest review.*

Ever wonder how a cat sees the world? Or how a cat narrates his day? Wonder no more because through this book, you’ll get a glimpse of the “cat life”.

This book is literally one of the funniest I’ve ever read! It’s really, really adorable.

First of all, I am not a cat lover, I prefer dogs. But I still loved this book!

It’s a quick, light read that will leave a smile on your face. The book is narrated by Henry, the cat himself. He discusses what he wants to do, what he does when his owner is away, his rants about life and so much more!

I started reading this at night before I go to sleep because I have no time to read during the day. (That was when I still have classes) I only read a few chapters but when I finally have the time to really read during the day, it was an easy read! I was actually surprised because I finished it immediately. I didn’t want it to end right away, to be honest!

There was no boring chapter in this book. I swear, each chapter will make you smile, if not laugh. Also, the pictures are so cute. It makes reading the book more fun! What else can I say? It’s a claw-some read! This has got to be one of my favourite reads this year!

If you love cats (or not), if you want a quick read and a good laugh, if you want something different to read, then I highly recommend this book! Henry would love it if you read his book. He is awesome (I hope you’re reading this, Henry, lol).

P.S. I got the synopsis from the author’s page and I thought, why not include the pictures as well. 🙂

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