Featuring authors

If you have been following me here on my blog, or on my bookstagram account, you might be aware that I have a  few author interviews posted here on my blog. You can click the links below to read the interviews:

Jennifer L. Kelly

Alice Rachel

Shannon Rieger

You might be wondering why I’m suddenly talking about my author interviews. Well, it just so happened that the lovely Shannon Rieger helped me to contact more indie authors so that I can interview them too. These authors and their books need more love from the reading community! We all know that as an indie author, you usually do all the promotion and advertising of your books. Through interviewing them, we’ll get to know more about them, their books and how the author life is. At the same time, I can also help in promoting their books so it’s actually a win-win situation!

I have quite a few author interviews that will be posted this month. If you know an author who would like to be interviewed by me, tell them to Contact me. I am doing the interviews for free. I love interviewing authors because I love meeting new authors and it’s also one way of connecting to them and getting to know them better.

If you are an author and you would like to be interviewed, please don’t hesitate to contact me. 🙂

P.S. For the first 3 interviews posted here, I have only included the author’s Instagram and Website links, but for the next interviews, I would be including all social media accounts of the author. In that way, readers would have different options on how to reach the authors.


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