Blogger Recognition Award


I was actually quite surprised when I found out.

I was nominated for the Blogger Recognition Award by Marie from The Book Blvd and I am so grateful for it!


Every blog nominated for this award must follow these guidelines:

  1. Give recognition to the one who nominated you by including them in your list;
  2. Nominate 15 bloggers/writers for the award;
  3. Write a story about how/why you started your blog;
  4. Give new bloggers/writers two pieces of advice; and
  5. Provide a comment on each nominee’s site/blog to tell them about the award with a link to this post.

I am doing that today.

Write a short story about how/why you started your blog.

Hello everyone! My name is Nica and I started this blog last October 2016. I decided to make a blog to accompany my bookstagram account. I usually review different books on Goodreads and I thought, “why not make a blog so I can also post my reviews there”. I also thought that I will be posting about the various book mail that I will receive, and anything book-related that would cross my mind.

As of writing, I already have several book reviews, bookmail, author interviews and other bookish stuff posted here on my blog. I also have several new ideas for my blog which I hope other bookworms will love!

Give new bloggers two pieces of advice.

  1. Connect with other bloggers. Make friends with them! One of the things that I loved about blogging is that I get to know wonderful people who share the same interests (aka fellow bookworms).
  2. List down ideas. You might find yourself thinking about what you’re gonna do with your blog. So every time a new idea comes to your mind, list it down. You never know when you’re gonna need it!

Nominate 15 bloggers for the award.

  1. The Book Blvdis a blog where you can read various updates on books and authors, find recommendations, and they also aim to spread awareness on issues such as mental health.
  2. Aurora M Suarezis a blog owned by Aurora, a life and career coach. You can find different inspiring and encouraging blog posts here.
  3. Rose books blogis a book blog that contains several bookish stuff– book reviews, monthly TBR, book haul, wrap up, recommendations, you name it!
  4. Cut Loose Book Loosehas a lot of book reviews. I’m sure you would love to know what she thinks about a certain book!
  5. Benjamin Hardyhas a great deal of articles about self-improvement. If you need some advice about the topic, then you know which blog to visit!
  6. An Australian Fangirls Diaryis a blog (as the name suggests) owned by an Australian bookworm and it contains several book reviews and unboxings too!
  7. Tashas Bookish Worldis a blogger from U.K. and she posts book reviews, upcoming releases, fun book tags and some book-related articles too.
  8. Book O Crazeis a blog where you can read a several of book reviews and newly released books.
  9. Flavia the Bibliophile Blogdoesn’t only post book reviews and other book-related articles, she also posts about TV show and movie reviews, beauty product reviews and also a travel blog!
  10. Lunar Charposts book reviews as well as articles about mental health and she also has a travel journal!
  11. Chez Readsis where you can find book reviews, book tags, several giveaways and blog tours too!
  12. Ash Reads Siteposts book reviews and interesting book tags too.
  13. Cafe Book Bean– if you love books and coffee, then I bet you’d love this blog too!
  14. Quirky and Peculiarposts book reviews, wrap ups and TBRs and book recommendations too. So if you’re in search for new books to read, you might wanna check out this blog!
  15. Pastel Bottle Rocketblogs about different things and she also sells cute pins!


Once again, thank you Marie of The Book Blvd for nominating me. I really appreciate it.



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