This Beautiful Curse


Title: This Beautiful Curse: A Gothic Fairy Tale

Author: Kris Johnston

Genre: Gothic, Poetry

Rating: 4 stars

Goodreads Summary:

Poetess and story teller, Kris Johnston combines gothic imagery and rhythmic verse to bring you this enchanting, dark tale of lovers gone wrong. Step inside a nightmarish game with a devious young woman as your host, as she weaves a tale full of guilt, sorrow, and the ultimate karma.

If you enjoyed Dr. Seuss books as a child, and Tim Burton movies as an adult, you’ll love This Beautiful Curse.

This is a short, quick read at around 1600 words, with illustrations. Due to each device’s personal settings, the illustrations may appear differently than the author and illustrators intended; Please consider adjusting your Kindle or Kindle app settings to provide a more pleasant reading experience, should it be necessary.


*Author sent me a free e-book copy.*

If you haven’t read my interview with author Kris Johnston yet, click HERE. (Hehe shameless plugging of a blog post before writing a review)

Before I get to read this book, I thought it was a “Once upon a time…” kind of fairy tale with a dark twist. Maybe death. Maybe lots of blood. I can’t be sure.

But I was surprised when I found out that this is a poetry! It’s like several poems compiled into a sequence so that it can make a story! But this isn’t your ordinary love poetry. It talks about love and betrayal. It talks about heartbreak and death. About sadness and guilt and fear. It is creepy and beautiful!

Another thing that I liked about the book is the illustration. Wait, scratch that. I mean ILLUSTRATIONS. The illustrations are all amazing. AS IN WOW. They’re so good and creepy that they really fit the verses in the book.

This may be a short read, but it is quite enjoyable and can be read in one sitting! (More like finish in a few minutes!) I’ll probably re-read it again… (maybe in the next few days)

If you like to read something dark, I recommend this book to you!


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