The Water Queen


Title: The Water Queen (The Elementals Book 4)

Author: Jennifer L. Kelly

Genre: YA sci-fi, fantasy

Rating: 5 stars


It’s time for Ka Waylon to finally face her deepest fear in the Land of Water.

With Sloan by her side, Ka searches for the Water stone. But when they arrive in the Land of Water, Ka quickly learns that not all her family is keen on her success. The Water queen is frighteningly beautiful and dangerously narcissistic. And intent on keeping Sloan trapped in her watery world.

In order to rescue him and find the stone, Ka will find an unlikely ally that just may save her—and Sloan’s—life. Time is of the essence as Sloan falls under the Water queen’s spell, and the Imminent Darkness prepares to unleash its biggest evil yet on the colonists of Xon 9.


So this is the fourth instalmennt in The Elementals  series by Jennifer L. Kelly. I think I received the e-arc month/s ago but haven’t got the chance to start reading it right away. Also, my concentration in reading an e-book doesn’t help. It’s now harder for me to focus on reading an e-book even though I’m enjoying the story.

Now for the review…

I was so excited to read this because I heard that there will be mermaids and also, I haven’t forgotten about what the author told me during an interview. She said that there would be a new character and she is badass!

The story contains the right amount of fantasy, adventure and action. I really admire the author’s imagination and writing style. It must be difficult to write a series about collecting stones to retrieve a part of your missing personality and make the books different from one another!

This is also a page turner and the I felt the anticipation to know what would happen next. There were even times wherein I audibly gasped because of what happened. I am also glad that one of my favourite characters is back and alive! YAY! I also love the new character. Yes, she is a badass!

There’s so much that happened in this book. But the cliffhanger though! The story gets better and I just need to know what would happen. I NEED TO KNOW THE SECRETS OF METAL!!! *wink*

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