Unboxing: Empire Crates (June 2017)

Empire Crates is a new Philippine-based subscription box. Their debut box was launched last June with the theme “Wedding Bells”.

I was really excited for this box and I was anticipating what book would be included in the box. They promised to include a new released book that has something to do with weddings. They also said that the box will contain 13 goodies! How awesome could that be?!

The shipping was real quick and quite surprised that I received the box earlier than I expected.


Wedding Bells unboxed

What’s in the box?

  • An invitation-like card from Empire Crates with my name on it!
  • A card with the list of everything inside the box. Well, we all know that we only read this after fully unboxing as it contains spoilers!
  • An Empire Crates bookmark.
  • A gold leaf head piece
  • A Feysand art print from Idle Stuff (on Instagram) + a discount code in their shop!
  • A Clace magnetic bookmark from Angele Illustrate (on Instagram).
  • A Wedding Bells exclusive candle from The House of Wicks (on Instagram). It smells of morning fresh and green tea!
  • I was quite surprise with this one, to be honest. A non-tarnish stainless infinity love necklace and earrings that come in a cute box.
  • A native box! It’s made from capiz shells. It contains two doves which are an important symbol for weddings. Unfortunately, the first thing I did with this fragile box was broke the lid! *cries* But I guess, a hot glue is all I need to fix this!
  • Tiny seashells. They’re cute!
  • Finally, the book– Once and for All. This is my first Sarah Dessen book and I’m so excited to read this!

I apologize for the lack of close-up pictures of each item in the box but I’ve got a few below.

Art print from Idle Stuff

Magnetic bookmark from Angele Illustrate

Candle from The House of Wicks

That’s it! I hope you enjoyed this unboxing post.

Are you interested in ordering a box from Empire Crates? Click HERE.


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