Tasha’s World of Books

For my first Bookworm Interviews, I will be featuring Tasha of @tashasworldofbooks on Instagram.

Tasha is a bookworm from U.K. Obviously, she loves reading (that’s what she does most of the day!) She also runs a book blog.


Here’s my interview with her:

Nica: Can you share 3 facts about yourself that most of your followers don’t know about you?

Tasha: That’s quite a tough one actually. I mean I share a lot about myself over my Instagram.

1. I had a pretty rough past, been through things and done things most people wouldn’t fully understand. I’ve worked so hard to get where I am today, my mental state is still not fully recovered but I am slowly making my progress.

2. I can’t keep focus on one thing for very long, I get really easily distracted. Such as when I take photos the most I tend to get is possibly maximum 10-20. If I haven’t posted on Instagram or my blog, I’ve been distracted by something else and lost track of time haha.

3. I don’t know if people know this one already but I suffer really bad confidence issues, I may look and sound confident sometimes but I know how to act. I don’t like letting everyone see I feel bad and unconfident. I will feel ugly some days and I dunno just something that can easily get me down. I know a lot of other people have confidence issues and work their way through them. Maybe I will one day, only time will tell.

Nica: When did you start your bookstagram account?

Tasha: I stared my bookstagram account on the 5 th of August 2016.

Nica: What made you want to start this account?

Tasha: I started looking through photos of books when in my pet sitting job last year. I fell in love. I had started reading again and then I found myself wanting to take pictures and share my thoughts on books. So I started. It was a lovely girl on Instagram that helped push me to do it and start something new. Now here I am recently having hit 1.5k followers. I’m so proud of the page I made.

Nica: What’s your best bookstagram experience?

Tasha: Through bookstagram I met the lovely author M.C. Frank. We talked and I reviewed some of her books for her. She is such a lovely lady and we now class each other as friends, wwe get along so well and share so much together it’s so sweet and lovely! Also JENNIFER NIVEN LIKED MY PHOTOS AND COMMENTED!!!

Nica: What’s the best thing you love about the bookstagram community?

Tasha: I love how sweet and kind everyone in the bookstagram, community is. Everyone cares about everyone. Everyone helps each other and will share their love and support where needed. It’s a community that can make anyone feel happy. We are a family.

Nica: What is/are your favourite book/s that you’ve read so far this year?

Tasha: Authors: M.C. Frank, Kasie West. Books: ACOWAR, Lose Me – M.C. Frank, The Fill-In Boyfriend – Kasie West and Gemina – Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff, Throne of Glass – Sarah J. Maas.

Nica: When did you start your blog?

Tasha: I have had multiple blogs so far. The one I am currently using and am extremely proud of is the one I started a month with a different name. Tasha’s Bookish World! I’ve found a theme and a way of posting that fits me and actually looks pretty in my eyes.

Nica: What made you start a book blog?

Tasha: I started a blog to share my book reviews. Not only that, I wanted to have another place where I could be me and be able to post things I love and would want to read about. Such as upcoming releases. I have also started doing bookish tags which is so so fun!

Nica: What are your tips for those who want to start a book blog?

Tasha: My tips are to be yourself, find posts you are comfortable with and find a way to post and upload you like. Try to stick to a schedule you find easiest and most convenient. Post what you would want to read, possible try making new and unique posts to share. Always let your followers know when you have a new post live (Instagram, twitter etc…)

Nica: What’s the best thing about being a blogger? Being a reviewer?

Tasha: The best thing about being a blogger is meeting other bloggers or readers of your blog that love the posts you make and the way everyone shares support and love. The best part of being a reviewer is being able to share my reviews with people who are truly interested in other people’s opinions. Sometimes the readers then let you know that they bought the book due to your review! It warms my heart when that happens.

Nica: What is your bookish dream?

Tasha: My bookish dream is to work in a publishing house on a social media team. I think it would be so amazing to share with people booking being published and meeting so many talented authors!

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Goodreads: tashareads99@gmail.com


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