Wallflower’s Design

This is my first post for my new blog section called Featured Shop. This section is pretty self-explanatory. I will be featuring online shops.

For my first Featured Shop, I am featuring Wallflower’s Design.

You might be wondering what this shop has to offer?

Wallflower’s Design has been operating for several months now and they sell handmade bookmarks!

#bibliophile bookmark

The perfect bookmark for a certified bibliophile

How much is a bookmark?

The price range is $4 – $5!

Rattle The Stars /Throne of Glass inspired bookmark

How did the business started?

The reason why Charlie started this business was so that artwork by shy, introverted, wallflowers would be shared and could get the recognition it deserves. She also wants to offer bookmarks that are affordable to most bookstagrammers!

Sleep is Good...Books Are Better Bookmark

Are you a night reader?

What designs do they offer?

They offer several bookish designs like a “Bookstagram”, “Currently reading”, and different quotes from a book designs.

bookstagram bookmark

Do they accept customize orders?

Yes! You can customize the designs like changing the color of the bookmark or requesting a quote from a book or any design! Below is a sample of a design that is fully customizable–from the gender to race!

in the galaxy  bookmark

What makes them unique?

Aside from the fact that all of their designs are 100% handmade and that hey don’t cost a lot of money to buy, all of the money made go to creating more designs, and a portion of it goes to The Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses, an organization of people who volunteer to help re-build houses, provide food, love, and comfort to people affected after natural disasters.

When you purchase a bookmark from them, you don’t only get to have a new bookmark, you also get to help other people!

Please take note that the actual bookmarks might be slightly different from the ones in the pictures because the bookmarks are handmade and carefully crafted.

Shop now




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