Wanders Between Pages

For this week’s Bookworm Interviews, I’m featuring @wandersbetweenpages.

She is a Filipino bibliophile who reviews books and also runs a book blog! I remembered she’s one of the first followers when I made my bookstagram account!


Nica: Tell us something about yourself.

Rose: I’m Rosemarie Mae. People call me Rose, Mae or Meme. I’m 20 years old and I’m taking up Bachelors of Science in Entrepreneurship.

Nica: How did you discover the bookstagram community?

Rose: My first encounter with bookstagram was seeing people posting photos of books with prompts. I decided to follow them. Then I discovered @nikkiinwonderland and feel in love with her account and decided to start my very own bookstagram account.

Nica: How did you come up with your username?

Rose: My username used to be @rose.books. The reason for that is obvious, my name + books = rosebooks. My current username is @wandersbetweenpages. The story behind that name took place when I revamped my blog. I thought of a nice name that can associate more with books. I decided to go with Wanders Between Pages because as a bibliophile, we love wandering between the pages of the book.

Nica: Which fictional character can you identify yourself the most? Why?

Rose: I’d say Andie of The Unexpected Everything. I see myself in her not because I have issued with my parents but because of the friendship I have, or should I say I used to have. We were this perfect circle of friends until things got complicated over a guy. Now, from that circle of friend, I’m only close to one person.

Nica: If you could live inside a book, what book would it be and why?

Rose: I want to live in Lara Jean’s world because as much as she’s a hopeless romantic, I like her world. The fact that the world Lara Jean is in is so relaxing and I want a live like that. My life right now is too stressful and it sucks.

Nica: Who is/are your favourite indie author/s?

Rose: Alice Rachel all the way! She’s the first author that trusted me with her physical copies of her books. I was so honored and elated because of that!

Nica: What tips can you give to bloggers who want to ask authors for review copies?

Rose: Don’t be shy and just ask the author right away. It doesn’t hurt to ask, right? If they want to send you her/his book, amazing! But if they don’t, then let it be.

Nica: What’s the best thing about being a reviewer?

Rose: I’d say getting free books but that’s just the bonus part of being a reviewer. But the bestest, if that’s even a word, of being a reviewer is getting to help indie authors be known. The most satisfying thing about being a reviewer is that you made the author proud because you were able to help them promote their book(s).

Nica: Are you a daytime reader or a nighttime reader?

Rose: Depends on the situation. If I’m in school and there is a long break between classes, I read. But when I spend the day at home, I read at night because chores! But I make progress at night than during the day.

Nica: Do you eat/drink something while reading? If yes, what is it?

Rose: Yes and No! Yes when there is food around the house. I usually eat chocolate cake or drink coffee/hot choco/milk tea. And no when there is no food around.

Nica: What is your bookish dream? (i.e. become an author, publisher, bookstore owner)

Rose: I dreamed to be an author before. But now I just want to be a successful subscription box owner.


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