The Vampire Bookworm

Whenever I hear or see anything vampire-related or a beautiful floor, she’s the first person that comes to my mind. (I’m not even kidding!) You may have seen her great floor photos or her creative cosplay shots on bookstagram or she may have had you laughing because of her witty captions…

Today, I am featuring @thevampirebookworm.

She’s one of my first friends even before I started out my bookstagram account! She’s also the reason why I become fascinated with vampires. I asked a recommendation from her and after finding out what my fave books are, she recommended The Vampire Diaries series to me and I LOVED IT.


Nica: What’s the first vampire book that you read?

Alžběta: Unfortunately I don’t remember but I have a vague memory of The Vampire Tapestry and Necroscope being the only vampire books in our local library back then. And I also remember the librarian being amused by my reading choice. I’m happy that she let me browse the horror section even though I was obviously too young for it and that she didn’t make me read “girly” stuff.

Nica: If you could recommend one vampire book for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?

Alžběta: Oh, don’t make me do this. I can’t pick just one! Can it be at least a series? Or from which genre? (Yeah, that’s right, the bloodsuckers are everywhere!) So if you want a classic, there is The Interview with the Vampire; if you want a post-apocalyptic stuff, go for The Passage; if you want gothic, there is always good ol’ Dracula; if you want fun, pick up Carpe Jugulum, etc. etc.

Nica: How many books about vampires do you have? (all vampire books, coloring books included)

Alžběta: Around 500. And I still haven’t got all the ones I want because many books are out of print. *starts crying because she knows she’ll never catch them all*

Nica: What other genres do you enjoy reading?

Alžběta: I read everything. The thing is, if a book made it into literature classes then there must be something about it. So apart from “classics” and the books which are trending, I also read non-fiction (mostly from the social sciences section because I don’t understand the real sciences). *starts inconspicuously hiding all those biology and physics books for dummies from plain sight*

Nica: Are you a fast reader, a slow reader, or somewhere in between? How many books can you read in a month?

Alžběta: I’m fast I think but I can go slow (mostly when reading poetry because I try to get the rhythm right and savour it). So with the average book (around 300 pages long) I can usually read 8 a month – that is if I don’t have to read something extra for work before I go to sleep.

Nica: What’s the craziest thing have you done for the sake of a bookstagram picture?

Alžběta: I certainly didn’t take a pic where it is forbidden, I didn’t spend hours painting my body for one little snap, I didn’t pretend that the wall was actually a floor, I didn’t stop the traffic to take a picture, I didn’t almost freeze. No no no, I’m a very boring creature and I don’t do anything reckless. *smiles innocently*

Nica: How did you come up with your first theme (feet and floor)?

Alžběta: My students at the time kept telling me to get Instagram or Snapchat so that they could send me funny stuff. So when I got a new camera which could actually install these apps, I didn’t know what to post because I knew the kids could see it. My feet were the first thing I took a picture of when the camera app opened and I rolled with it just to troll them because one can’t see much from these pictures.

Nica: What made you change your theme?

Alžběta: There were two things contributing to it. The first one was a new camera – I decided to experiment a little (I wanted better quality pics because my phone camera is terrible) and see what’s that going to be like; and the second one was a hiking injury which left two very purple scars on my shins and I knew I couldn’t take pictures of my legs in the summer if I didn’t want to spend the rest of my days photoshopping the scars away. But now that I started playing with my feed, I think I’m gonna change it more often.

Nica: What’s your favorite thing about the bookstagram community?

Alžběta: I can finally talk to people who read the same stuff! It used to be so frustrating when I was a teenager and spent all my money on buying books from abroad only to read them and have no one to talk to about them because they didn’t exist in my mother tongue. But now, I post a picture, somebody reacts and suddenly there is a discussion.

Nica: What is your bookish dream? (i.e. become an author, publisher, bookstore owner)

Alžběta: I would like to finish a book and get it published one day and I’d like to have signed books by my favourite authors – I can’t get Anne Rice anywhere so next time you (lucky bastard who knew which coutry to be born in) go to an event where Anne signs books, think of me (an idiot who didn’t get the memo and was born on the wrong continent) and get me a copy, please! *tries her most charming smile and winks*

Bookstagrammer question:
Why do you love vampires so much? Where did this love come from?

Alžběta: I was a horror junkie as a kid (I still don’t understand fairy tales) but why I chose these creatures in particular? Maybe my crush on Wesley Snipes in Blade has to do something with it, maybe not. Or maybe I’m a glutton and this is how my oral fixation manifests? Don’t ask me, ask Freud.

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