Secret of Metal


Title: Secret of Metal (The Elementals Book 5)

Author: Jennifer L. Kelly

Genre: YA Sci-fi/ Fantasy

Rating: 4 stars


I will not close my eyes.
I will meet my fate with my eyes wide open.

The colonists of Xon 9 are dying. The Imminent Darkness has unleashed its ultimate weapon: a bio-contagion that is a ticking time bomb of death. Ka Waylon must save them.
But first, she must break out of a maximum security prison. Then, if she survives that, she must travel to the Land of Metal and retrieve the final Elemental stone. Metal has many secrets. The Metal queen and the tribes of her land: the Fulgurs and the Tonitrui—should not be trusted.
Ka is running out of time. A decision must be made that cannot be undone. Should she risk the fate of many or the fate of one?

Ka’s journey comes to an end in this thrilling conclusion to The Elementals.


*Author sent me a free e-ARC in exchange of an honest review.*

I am so thankful that I got the privilege to follow Ka’s journey in The Elementals series. It has been a wonderful adventure.

The fifth book picked up where the fourth book ended. At first, I do not know what to expect with this book. What are the secrets of metal that is yet to be revealed? How can Ka defeat the Imminent Darkness?

There’s still an adventure in this book but I must say that I think it focused more on the sci-fi side, with all the explanations about the Metal element as well as during Ka and the squad’s stay in the Land of Metal. I loved learning all about the Metal elements as well as about the Land of Metal.

The book has a more serious note, because of all the decision making involved in here as well some incidents. But, I am glad that every now and then, there are characters who would make the situation less serious with their witty lines!

I can feel the bittersweet feeling while reading this book, because I loved the series so much but I don’t think I could say goodbye to the characters yet! Though it wasn’t the ending that I thought would happen, (I really have no idea what would happen in the end) I think the characters finally got what they all deserve.

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I also interviewed the author (almost) a year ago. If you’re interested in reading my interview with her, click HERE.

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