Post Offices Do Exist

A few years ago, I thought that Post Offices do not exist anymore. (at least that’s what I thought was the case in the Philippines) There are several shipping companies which offer domestic and international services and I also do not know where the local post office is so I concluded that they do not exist. 

But I was obviously mistaken. When I won an international giveaway back in 2016, I received a note from the postman saying that I have a parcel to pick up from the post office. That’s when I found out that post offices do exist! And I also learned where the town’s post office is located.

After that day, I have already received several packages and mails from overseas–mostly book related parcels! I have also sent a couple of mails and parcel too. 

Aside from that, I have also learned the process of sending and receiving packages and how much is the fee depending on the type of package or mail. 

I just feel like receiving mails and packages, especially the overseas one, is amazing. I mean, imagine how many miles it travelled to reach you! What it has gone through to reach your house! I can only imagine! I haven’t gone out of the country yet and and receiving something from a different country feels fantastic! Ang galing! It’s like getting a piece of that place somehow. 

But if you’re from the Philippines and you have received international mails already, you have most probably experienced late deliveries!

This isn’t a rant post, I’m just merely stating my experiences. I just wish that postal services or system here in the Philippines would do a better job. There are issues about super late deliveries, or parcels in bad condition and worse, missing parcels!

I have received a parcel and the box has a damage and I’m just thankful that the contents are still in really good condition and have no damage at all.

I also hope, next time, they stop damaging my postcards! They do not take care of it and I receive them with creases which is so frustrating because those are collectibles and they are precious because the person who sent them put an effort to sending it.

Despite these issues, I still have to send and receive through the post office. Besides, receiving a post office note is one of the most exciting things in the world! (at least for me) 

What are your post office experiences? Do you have some funny or frustrating experiences? Share them in the comment section below! 


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