Who Run The World? Girls!

Since it’s Women’s History Month I thought I would be posting about women/girls that I think are truly inspiring!

First off my list is Malala. I read her book back in 2016 and I was really inspired by it. We’re almost the same age and she’s someone I look up to! It’s impossible not to admire her because at a young age, she learned how to stand up and fight for her (and other girls’) right to education. When I was at that age, I was probably stressing over my exams (because I like to put a lot of pressure on myself) and thinking about my crush lol.

Second, Lily Collins–my favorite actress! I was lucky enough to have a copy of her book Unfiltered and I admired her more after reading her book. She’s so open on talking about eating disorders and abusive relationships. It’s not easy to talk about those things so I really admire her bravery.

Third, Misty Copeland–the  first African-American performer to be appointed as a principal dancer for American Ballet Theatre. I didn’t know her until I received a copy of the coffee table book about her. She certainly broke the stereotypes about ballerina.

Fourth, Amelia Earhart–the first woman to fly across the Atlantic Ocean. We all know that flying or pilot is a male dominated profession but she proved that girls can fly planes too. What boys can do, girls can do too!

Who are the inspiring women that you look up to? Leave a comment below! 🙂


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