Bookmail: March 24, 2018

It's been ages since I last received (and posted) a book mail. Last Saturday, I was surprised when a delivery man called outside...I saw the UPS truck and my inner bookworm did a happy dance! I knew it's ~this~ book because it's the only book that I'm expecting to be delivered. I'm also happy that … Continue reading Bookmail: March 24, 2018

Unboxing: Marauder’s Dispatch (November 2017)

A week ago, I received my Marauder's Dispatch November Box with the theme Retrograde. I decided to buy a sub box as a treat for myself and I was persuaded to purchase this box because it would contain a beanie. How do you say no to a beanie? But, what else was in the box, … Continue reading Unboxing: Marauder’s Dispatch (November 2017)


SUPER LATE BOOKMAIL POST!!! Last June, I won a very awesome giveaway from the read-along held by author Alice Rachel; and last month, I received the package full of goodies!!! We were actually worried that the box would get lost, ripped open, or I would be charged with very expensive fees, etc. Luckily, the box … Continue reading Bookmail


This post will contain several book mails. 🙂 I have won two giveaways last month. The first is a giveaway from Alice Rachel's read-along. One of the prizes is a $25 worth of books on Book Depository. I ordered 3 books and I waited patiently for the arrival of the books. It would be my … Continue reading Bookmail